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Friday, November 4, 2011

Between two worlds

Photo Editor, Franziska with Burda Yukom publishing in Munich, Germany contacted me to do some environmental editorial portraits of an employee here in Toronto and who they are profiling in one of their print media pieces. At almost 8 months pregnant, I have to say this was kind of a challenge. I haven't taken a lot of jobs due to the complexity and length of certain types of work, however since the baby has moved down a bit and I'm less compressed in my lung area, this was an absolute dream shoot to do! I love editorial work, I love working one on one with someone and working with a photo editor who gives you the guidance and freedom to interpret the story. A few images from our photoshoot near his office, up in Richmond Hill. Scott was a great sport and just relocated to Canada from the US and although our cultures are quite similar, there are always obstacles and challenges with a relocation. These are a few of the outtakes from our time together. Tearsheet and final selection to eventually come.

The other portraits are being produced in Germany by Albrecht Fuchs, an amazing portrait photographer. I have huge respect for this type of work. I really love the raw, emotional image. No smiles and the unique and unconventional mood is what I am most drawn to. It's memorable and I absolutely love it! Very flattered to be included and to shoot for this project.

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